Fusion Extensions and Black Hair

We are all pretty familiar with fusion extensions and we have all heard that they are more popular in the white community but what about fusion extensions and black hair?

Fusion extensions can actually be great on black hair as long as the proper application technique is used and they are properly maintained and removed. Fusion extensions cannot be worn on black hair as long as it can on white hair (3-6 months) because too much new growth will cause the virgin hair to mat and dread together causing massive hair breakage when the extensions are removed. We suggest that fusion is only worn for a period of time that is appropriate based on how quickly your hair grows.

Due to the increased breakage associated with the use of fusion glues, we do not recommend this fusion technique be used on black hair. Instead, we recommend the use of silicon fusion tubes and no heat. The silicon fusion tubes have a soft silicon layer inside the tubes which cushion the hair to further help prevent breakage.

Another set-back is that all of the fusion extensions currently offered only come in “silky straight” textures, not “yaki”. If you are looking into fusion extensions for black hair, you might consider custom I-tipped extensions. If applied and removed properly, they can be used several times.