Fusion Extension Accessories

When it comes to fusion extensions, there are a host of accessories or supplies that you will need, however it depends on the fusion technique you will be using.

Hot Fusion Techniques: there are several types of hot fusion applications you can choose however it comes down to using the same basic supplies:

If you plan to use pre-tipped hair, you will need a fusion tool to melt the glue to your hair as well as a shield to protect your scalp from burns.

If you wish to use un-tipped hair (i.e. bulk hair), you will need to use glue sticks. The glue sticks can either be melted down with a glue pot or you can simply use a glue gun.

If you prefer to melt the fusion tubes, you will need a fusion hook to apply the fusion tubes as well as the fusion tool to melt the tubes. You will also need to use the fusion shield to protect your scalp from burns.

For these heat methods, you will need to be sure that you have some remover to dissolve the glue during removal.

Cold Fusion Techniques: if you prefer to avoid using heat for your fusion extensions, you will need to get some supplies depending on your application method:

If you will be using pre-tipped hair with fusion tubes, you will need to also use a fusion hook as well a fusion pliers to attach the extensions.

If you will be using un-tipped (i.e. bulk) hair and again would like to avoid using glue on your hair, you might consider applying the glue to the strands (using the glue sticks) and once dry, use the fusion hook, fusion tubes and fusion pliers.

This process is very timely however not all colors and textures are going to be available pre-tipped. If you do not wish to tip your own hair, you might consider customizing your own pre-tipped extensions.