Fusion and Hair Damage

Fusion is one of the many extension techniques that many professional stylists might not recommend due to hair damage. Most fusion applications require the use of heat and adhesives which alone tend to increase breakage and damage however when such small sections are being used to apply the extensions, this increases damage.

It is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair per day so when you use very small sections of hair, it is common to lose tips. As your hair naturally sheds, this minimizes the “foundation” that the tip has been applied to. Daily styling then causes the remaining hair strands to be pulled out or broken off.

Another major cause is the glue. No matter how well you saturate the glue with removers, some glues will still leave a large amount of sticky residue. The only way to remove the glue is to use a very fine tooth comb to comb out the glue. Again, this process causes an extensive amount of hair breakage.

Here are some tips that will significantly reduce breakage associated with mot fusion techniques:

Tip #1: avoid using heat and glue applications.

Tip #2: avoid using small or micro Fusion Tubes. Try using the large Fusion Tubes so larger hair sections can be used thus creating a more solid “foundation”.

Tip #3: try using Silicon Tubes as they have a soft silicon insert which help cushion the hair strands and prevent breakage

Tip #4: do not wear your fusion extensions too long. Twisting of the strands will occur and coupled with your natural shedding, can cause more tangling during removal.