Dealing With Texture And Humidity


If you have trouble with your hair texture and humidity, you might consider thinking twice before purchasing wigs or extensions with too much texture as well.

When shopping for extensions or wigs, most look for styling versatility. This means that they look for something that can be worn in more than one style(i.e. can be worn straight as well as curly). In order to reduce styling time, many opt to purchase something that is curly believing that they can flat iron the hair and when it’s wet, it will go back to it’s natural curly state, as opposed to having to curl something that is naturally straight. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Wigs and extensions that are curly, can indeed be styled using a “wet and go” method however when it comes to straightening the hair, this is when the problems begin. Most of the time, the tool used the straighten the hair is not going to completely straighten it. A ceramic flat iron needs to be used to ensure the hair is completely straight. Secondly, if you live in a high humidity area, odds are, your newly straightened locks are going to be short lived. Instead of the hair naturally curling back, it will began to frizz uncontrollably, definitely not the synchronized curl pattern you started with. The hair will then need to be wet to get the curls to stick together and still, the curls will not be as “nice” as they were before.

To prevent this from happening, a straight wig or extensions that you can curl would be a better choice. The curls might eventually fall out however this is better than the first option of having big, frizzy hair.