Wicked Eyelashes

wicked lashes

Colorful eyelashes are perfect for costumes but is that all? No way!!

Colorful eyelashes are not only perfect for costumes but also for other holidays, year-round.

New Years – silver or gold will help you brighten your New Year’s celebration
Valentine’s Day – pink or red eyelashes are sure to add a spark.
St. Patrick’s Day – some green lashes are sure to keep the pinches at bay
Easter – any pastel lashes would please the little ones
July 4th – red, white or blue lashes will help celebrate independence
Halloween – any coordinating lashes will make your costume come alive!
Christmas – white, red, green, silver or gold will help you to celebrate the holidays

Colorful lashes are also perfect to go with any colorful wig you might have for any occasion. And don’t forget ladies, colorful lashes to match your lingerie are sure to bring a smile to your husband’s face.