How To Apply Lash Extensions

Most of us have probably already heard of lash extensions but how do you apply them?

To apply your own lash extensions, you will only need a few things:

1. individual lash extensions (short, medium or long)
2. individual lash adhesive (clear or black)
3. good tweezers
4. Large safety pin

Take the lash adhesive and place a drop on a small piece of foil. Using the tweezers, remove each lash from it’s container, dip the tip into the adhesive and apply the tip to the base of your lashes, starting on the outer part of your eye (be sure to look closely into the mirror to ensure you are adhering the lash to the correct area). Hold the lash with the tweezers to allow the glue to set. Use the safety pin to correctly position and seperate the lashes  before the glue completely sets.

If you notice that you are losing lashes, you might consider dipping more than just the tip into the adhesive or even touching the lash directly to the adhesive tip to be sure it is completely coated. Instead of waiting for all the lashes to fall out, just replace individual lashes as needed and they will last and last without a completely new install.

You might also notice that one side looks absolutely beautiful while the other side looks “different”. This is either because you used your other hand or because you tried using the same hand, so that eye’s lashes are not facing the right direction. As much as possible, you will need to try to use your other hand: left hand does left eye and right hand does right eye. After a few times of practicing, both eyes will look like they were professionally installed, all for about ten bucks!!