Student Mannequin Heads


Not only can mannequin heads be used to learn extensions, they can also be used to learn minor or temporary color techniques.

Most professionals know that some colors will look completely different on the container than on the client. The best way to become more familiar with color tones and shades is to actually do it on a very small section of a mannequin head.

Whether you plan to lighten, frost, tone, do a lift and deposit or just add funky, crazy temporary colors, the best thing to do is to be sure you are giving the client the color they actually want by knowing exactly what you are doing. These student mannequin heads are used around the world to help teach students how to cut, perm, color and lift hair. They are made with 100% human hair so the hair responds exactly how any client’s hair would.

Generally only sold to schools, these student mannequin heads are now being offered to the general public at great prices so anyone can learn the basics. With such a huge push of the “DIY”ers, now buying perms and color treatments¬†from your local beauty supply stores don’t have to be such a¬†pain.

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