Lace Wig Adhesives

It seems like there are about a million different adhesives for lace wigs out there. So how do you choose?

To be honest, most of the adhesives on the market are just medical grade adhesives that are bottled under different labels. So, despite the cost differences, most are the same product or were manufactured to do the same exact thing.

Some products hold longer and better than others however it is the application technique that needs to be scrutinized. Example: some adhesives require you add  it to your skin and the lace and then wait for both to dry COMPLETELY before applying both glued parts together. Again, if not applied as specified, the adhesive will not hold as well.

Another thing to consider is if your skin and hair is completely residue-free before applying the adhesive. Any oils or leave-in conditioners that are left on the skin will diminish the effectiveness of the adhesive.