How To Curl A Human Hair Wig


When it comes to curling and styling a human hair wig, there are a few things you might need to know…

Most human hair wigs on the market are made with Chinese human hair. This hair is very straight and the strand diameter is amongst the thickest available. Because of this, you might find that straight wigs might not hold a curl very well.

Electric rollers tend to not give off enough heat to fully set a curl, especially for longer hair. Some might not even have long-lasting success with a hot curler. The best solution is to spray a holding AND a shine spray in the hair before beginning. This will help hold the curl and the shine spray will keep the curls from looking too “starchy”.

If using a hot curler, begin rolling from the ends. For more advanced users, ceramic flat irons can be used to create the curls in the image above. Starting at the root, press the flat iron onto the hair and flip the flat iron so the ends are now flipped towards the roots (the hair should create a “U” angle around the edge of the flat iron). Slowly run the flat iron through to the ends of the hair and you will have created an amazing loose spiral curl. Faster runs create loose spirals or natural flips in layered hair.

If you still have problems with curls holding, you might need to layer the hair to reduce the weight of the hair.