How To Care For Your Human Hair Wig

Now that you have gotten your perfect wig, you will need to be sure that you properly care for your investment.

Caring for your new human hair wig and keeping it in good condition is pretty easy as long as you have all of the needed products.

To care for your wig, you will need a wig brush, wig comb, wig shampoo, wig conditioner and any other wig styling products.

When styling your wig, be sure your wig brush or wig comb does not come into contact with the wefts at the cap. This can loosen the weft and cause the hair to shed uncontrollably. If your wig is tangled, start from the ends, not at the top and try straying on a wig conditioner to help remove the tangles.

When storing your wig, be sure to place it on a wig stand in a closed area, such as a closet. For long term storing, you might consider placing the wig back in it’s original plastic bag to keep it free from dust and debris.

Your wig should be washed every 12-15 wears however if you keep your own hair underneath clean or wear a wig cap, your wig will need washing less often.

If you want to cut or restyle your wig, the “DIY” approach might not be the best decision. Consider taking your wig to a stylist to have it professional cut and/or styled.