Crochet Care: Shedding

So, you just got your hair done and you are looking like a million bucks,..and then the shedding starts. HELP!!

First of all, shedding is something that should be considered BEFORE the interlock is even added to your hair. If you are planning on using very straight micro braids (which tend to shed more than curly or wavy braids), you will have to wet the bend in the braid before it is applied. This will help the braid become more flexible and allow the loop and knot to set, minimizing the shedding later.

For braids that are more resistant to this process, we suggest that you bend the hair in half (generally right where the manufacturer places their rubberband). Place your own rubber-band right around the bend so the hair tip looks like a “U”. Dip the tip into boiling hot water for a few seconds and remove.

Once the hair has cooled and you remove your rubber-band, the hair will already have a “U” shaped bend. This will help the loop and knot hold better, thus less shedding.

Of course, there is always glue if you prefer this method however when you remove the interlock, it may be more time consuming.