The Beehive Braid Track

The “beehive” is one of the most popular ways to braid tracks, especially for clients with longer hair. This braid styles is used for full sew-in weaves, interlock styles and for those who wear wigs. This style is also perfect for micro braids that are worn in ponytails. Micro individuals are braided around the perimeter with a spiral “beehive” braid in the center that wefts are sewn onto.

By far, this track style is the best way to keep your hair when wearing a weave or wig because no matter how long the client’s hair is, the hair will still remain flat and also because there is reduced stress to the hairline. With cornrows to the back, if the clients hair is too thick or too long, there will be an un-natural “bump” in the back where the braids are bundled together. In addition, cornrows to the back add more stress to the hairline, as well as take far more time to complete.

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