Summer Braids

Now that summer is right around the corner, braids are the hottest trend in hair styles for African American women and children. Long, short, straight, curled, big and small, braids have always been and will remain one of the most popular summer trends.

When it comes to braiding styles, consider how much maintenance you want to give. If you like styling flexibility, you might consider micros or tree braids using human hair or a futura high heat synthetic. For styles with minimal maintenance, you might consider micros or any other braid style that is braided all the way to the ends.

If braiding time is a concern, try an interlock style which only takes a fraction of the time to do and lasts just as long if not longer. Again, styles using loose hair tend to require more maintenance than styles using braided hair.

For children, braids and/or cornrows with beads are always the best choice. Braids are a great way to keep hair looking neat all summer long while also giving it a break from the daily styling which can be very damaging. When the braids are removed, the new “length” will be much appreciated.