Silky Twists

If you like kinky twists, then silky twists just might be right up your alley. If you have natural coarse hair, kinky twists might blend better for you however if you have permed hair, something more “silky” will create the best look.

Silky twists are done the same way kinky twists are done however the biggest difference is the hair used. When doing silky twists, you will need to use a jumbo braid or a yaki braid to achieve a more silky look to your twists.

Since silky twists are smaller and less bulky than kinky twists, you will need to make smaller plats or portions. Start off braiding the extension onto your own hair with three strands for about an inch. Then, split one strand in half and add it to the other strands. This will leave you with only two strands.

Using both hands, start rolling the strands between your thumb and pointer fingers as you twist the two strands all the way to the ends. Note that the more you roll the hair as you twist, the tighter and silkier the twists will be.

Once you are all done, you can create spirals at the ends by using a small spiral roller to roll the very ends of the braids. Using boiling hot water, dip the ends, blot dry with a towel, let cool and v’wala!!