Kid’s Styles Using Hairpieces And Braids


When it comes to caring for your princess’s locks, don’t just settle for braids when you can add more style with a hairpiece!

Hairpieces are perfect for creating cute ponytail styles for our young ladies but have you thought about adding hairpieces to braids too? Braids will help keep the ponytail style neat without you having to maintain the hair. These quick styles are especially popular during the summertime when it is especially important that our young ladies look great with minimal upkeep.

When it comes to selecting the perfect hairpiece, be sure to pick something that is not too long and something that is similar to her texture and color. You can choose a hairpiece with highlights however be sure to get the same color blend to add when braiding the hair. For younger girls, the afro puff hairpiece set is one of my personal favorites.

After you braid your little one’s hair into a ponytail (or two), braid all of the braids together and wrap them in a bun. Using a drawstring hairpiece, simply secure it to the bun and you are done!