How To – Kids Summer Haircare

When it starts to warm up, we all begin to worry about how to ensure that our kids’ hair stays healthy despite all the trips to the pool. Well, here are a few tips…

No matter what hair type or ethnic background, the key to healthy hair is proper moisturization. With daily swimming and washing, the best of hair is even bound to suffer. So, here’s what you can do!

1. BEFORE visiting your pool, spray some leave-in conditioner in the hair. This will help coat the hair and prevent it from getting too exposed to the chlorine and sun.

2. After you leave the pool, WASH THE HAIR. It is very important to wash out all the chlorine that was in the hair.

3. Don’t forget the conditioner!! After the hair has been washed and rinsed thoroughly, squeeze out all of the remaining water and apply the conditioner. If in the shower, this is when the kids should wash up, wash down, or “shower” so the conditioner can absorb. Before rinsing the conditioner, turn the water to a luke warm or cool temperature, NOT HOT! Rinse the conditioner.

4. Spray a leave-in conditioner as the hair is drying. If you begin to notice the hair feeling like hay after a few days, it might be because of the “panthenol”. Panthenol is an ingredient in shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins. It is derived from a “B” vitamin and it’s job is to coat/thicken and protect your hair strands (thus the brand “Pantene”). If they get a build-up, do a hot oil treatment weekly (olive oil with a shower cap).

For more ethnic textures, you will need to add moisture back to the hair, especially if the hair has been permed. If the hair is in braids, simply spray a generous amount of braid spray on the braids after each and every washing.