How To Do Braided Mohawks

The mohawk is one of the most popular hairstyles right now. Men, women, black, white, this style is a huge hit!

For those who wear braids, they too can achieve this popular mohawk style. This braided style can be worn on straightened, natural, short and even longer hair.

To achieve this style, you might need some synthetic braiding hair. Whether you choose silky straight, yaki, curly or kinky hair, the style will look amazing. You will also need to consider the color of hair you plan to use. Again, whether you prefer your own natural shade or something much brighter, you can’t lose.

The hair will need to be parted in the center and sectioned. Once you begin to braid the hair, you will need rubber bands to be placed at the base of the cornrow, as the ends will be left loose and unbraided. After the first side has been completed, you can choose to braid the other side using the same exact pattern (symmetrical) or you can braid the other side using a completely different pattern.

Once all the braids are completed, fluff the hair and position the mohawk to ensure it is in the center of the head. Style as usual.