How To Do An Interlock/Latch-Hook Afro

Natural textured hair is making a huge comeback. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial (with images) on how to get this beautiful “big hair” look whether your hair is short, permed straight or thin.

1. The first thing you need to do is braid your tracks. These are generally cornrows starting at the front of the hairline going to the nape of the neck. Be sure to use the kinky bulk hair to braid your tracks so when you let the ends loose, they will match your interlock.

2. Using an “open” latch hook, go under the track until the entire tip of the hook is exposed. Fold the interlock hair in half and place the bend of the hair into the hook.

3. Pull the hair through the track about 2″ so the loop is fully exposed.

4. Remove the latch hook and open the loop. Pick up the 2 ends of hair on the other side of the track.

5. Place the two ends through the loop. Pull the ends to make sure the loop is tight.

6. Make sure all of the knots are neat and lined up. For fuller styles, be sure the tracks are completely covered. If you prefer something a bit thinner, you can space out the knots so they aren’t so close together.

Once your style is complete, make any necessary adjustments to the length. If you would like it shorter, use a shaving razor to shorten it. This will keep the ends tapered instead of bluntly cut and will result in a more natural look. Section the hair and starting at the base closest to the tracks, gently pull the sections to remove any loose strands of hair that were not knotted. This will also help tighten any loose knots.

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