Hairline Hairloss

For those who wear weaves, braids and wigs on a regular basis, you might experience hairline hairloss at some point. This is because of tight hairstyles that pull the hair right at the hairline, where it is more fragile and prone to loss.Micro braids pulled in a tight ponytail or tight weaves are the main culprits however interlocksand cornrows can also cause this type of hairloss. Lace wigsare commonly associated with hairloss at the hairline as well because of the adhesives used.

To prevent hairline hairloss, do not style the hair tightly. Ponytails should be loosely gathered and weaves should use beehive tracks with the hairline hair left out. If cornrows must begin at the hairline, do not pull the hair tight. Contrary to what we have been told, tight weaves/braids do NOT last longer, whereas they tend to stunt or stop hair growth, if hairloss is not the result.