Braids For Kids

There are several types and styles of braids for kids but which ones are the best styles in the long run?

Out of individuals, cornrows and interlocks, the best style of braids for kids will probably be individuals that are short enough and styled in a way where they are not being pulled back. The reason for this is because the hair at the hairline is very fragile. If the hair at the hairline is repeatedly pulled out, over time, the hair will cease from growing back, causing the hairline to be very thin later on. It is very common to see teens with thin edges because as children, they wore braids,…..incorrectly.

If you prefer cornrows (or interlocks that have the same cornrows), simply spray a braid spray right at the hairline. This adds elasticity to the hair strands that might be pulled too tight and it minimizes the amount of hair that would generally snap off or fall out. Individuals, especially micro braids, should be avoided if they will be worn in a ponytail. Sometimes, even if the ponytails is loose, the weight of the ponytail still tends to pull the braids that are anchoring it.