Braiding Your Baby’s Hair

We have been receiving an increased amount of questions about whether or not a baby’s hair should be braided,….absolutely!!

A baby’s hair can be braided as long as the braids are NOT too tight. Tight braids on a baby can lead to hairloss, a receding hairline, as well as a flaky scalp.

If your baby has long hair, you will feel tempted to style it, boy or girl. For girls, be very careful with barrettes and clips as these can pose to be a choking hazard. Colorful rubberbands are a perfect  option instead of barrettes.

Many say to stay away from rubberbands as they tend to break the hair off. It is sometimes suggested to use bands that are covered with material, not just the plain rubberbands. From my personal experience, I beg to differ. When the rubberbands are used, I simply break them off to prevent them from becoming tangled into the hair. With the material coated bands, I have found them to get tangled into the hair and sometimes have to be cut out to prevent breakage.

For boys, cornrows or braided plats are popular. When braiding your baby’s hair, try not to braid cornrows from the front all the way to the back. Again, if the sensitive hair at the hairline is pulled tightly, the hairline will become very thin. Instead, try beginning your braid off of the hairline (i.e. from the center or a side part) or if starting at the hairline, make the cornrow no longer than about 2″ back.

Once the hair has been braided, be sure to spray it thoroughly with a moisturizing spray (i.e. Better Braids Spray) because not only will it keep the braids but it will add a bit more elasticity to the hair to prevent it from snapping off.