Braid Care – Smelly Braids

One of the most common concerns with braids is smelly braids. This happens when braids are washed and not allowed to dry properly. The excess water sits in the braids and begins to smell like mildew or rancid water.

The best way to prevent this is to only wash braids in the morning. This will allow them to thoroughly dry during the day. In addition, you must keep the braids loose, not in a bun or ponytail. This prevents the hair from drying properly and increases the chances of smelly braids.

If you ever happen to get smelly braids, you will need to thoroughly wash the braids with a good smelling shampoo in the morning. Towel dry your braids as much as possible and leave them free while they dry completely.

This process will also work to prevent and get rid of smelly dreadlocks too.