How To Wash Your Hairpiece


It is suggested that you wash your hairpiece, closure or frontal (human or synthetic), every 10-15 wears, depending on the climate and your lifestyle.  Before washing your hairpiece, using a wig brush, gently remove all tangles.

Using a large bowl or sink, run some cold water and add a small amount (about 1 tbsp) of regular shampoo as the water is running. Place the hairpiece in the water and gently move the piece around using your fingers, for a few minutes. Let the hairpiece soak in the water for about 5 minutes.

Drain the soapy water and refill bowl or sink with clean cold water. Repeat this process until the water and hairpiece are clear of all soap. Using the wig brush or a comb, gently remove any tangles again.

Drain the clear water and blot the wig dry. Allow your hairpiece to completely dry by turning it inside-out and laying it flat.

– DO NOT wring out your hairpiece.
– Do not agitate your hairpiece in the water.
– Do not allow synthetic hairpieces to dry by the heater or in the sun.