3-Quarter Lace Wigs


Lace wigs are definitely a huge trend however for those who prefer to wear their own natural hairlines or want to avoid using the adhesives on their hairlines, a 3/4  (3 quarter) lace wig is the perfect alternative.

3/4 (3 quarter) lace wigs are becoming more popular because when lace wigs are adhered and removed improperly, they tend to pull out all of the finer hairs located right at the hairline. This gives the appearance of a very thin hairline and in worse cases, a receding hairline. So, what is a 3/4 (3 quarter) lace wig??

A 3/4 (3 quarter) lace wig is just like a lace wig. The hair is 100% hand-tied to create the most natural look. The cap is designed using a high quality stretch lace that covers the back portion of your head, allowing you to leave the front of your own hair out. Combs are inserted into the cap that will allow you to secure the unit to your own hair. For added security, comb pins can easily be attached as well.

You can also secure the 3/4 (3 quarter) lace wig down by braiding a track around the perimeter of the hair that will be covered, and sewing the unit to the track using a needle and thread. This will allow for longer wear without the need to use adhesives like with full lace wigs.