100% Premium Remy Human Hair

We’ve heard it a million times yet many of us are still wondering why this hair is so popular. Well, we’ve got the scoop.

100% Premium Remy Human Hair is the highest quality of hair on the market. Remy hair (aka Cuticle hair) simply means the cuticles of the hair strands are still intact and all going in the same direction.

Cuticles are on each individual hair strand and are like shingles on a roof. If the hair is improperly handled and the “shingles” are not all facing in the same direction, the hair begins to tangle and mat excessively.

In order to prevent this problem, many factories will treat the hair to remove all of the cuticles. This strips the hair and significantly increases breakage. The hair is then colored/bleached and texturized which further damages the hair.

100% Premium Remy human hair is usually gently processed with color and/or texture so most, if not all, of the cuticles remain intact and keep the hair strands strong. This is why Remy hair can be used multiple times before discarding, unlike regular human hair products.